Ban Phu Village in Nong Sung district has been selected by the Culture Ministry as one of ten “Yollwithi Communities” of 2022, under a campaign to introduce cultural attractions in 77 provinces across the country.

Ministry permanent-secretary Yupha Taweewattanakitborvon on Wednesday presided over the opening ceremony of Ban Phu Village as a Yollwithi Community (“yoll” means to see, “withi” means way or path. Together, they can be loosely translated as “to witness folkways”). The ceremony was attended by provincial deputy governor Wutthichai Saowakomut, officials of the Nong Sung district administration office and villagers.

It showcased a traditional dance and drum performance of the Phuthai subculture in the northeastern region, as well as various homemade textile products by villagers.

Yupha said the Yollwithi Communities project aims to promote local culture, traditions, arts and crafts as tourist attractions and to generate income for local communities. By harnessing the power of creative culture as an economic stimulant, the project is in compliance with the government’s BCG economy model, which focuses on sustainable development through the use of bio, “circular” and green economy practices.

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