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With the pandemic seemingly coming to an end, many households are chomping at the bit for a vacation. The idea of taking some time to get away and see something new is invigorating, particularly post-quarantine. However, that doesn’t mean that they can simply ignore their budget in the name of a warm-weather escape. Luckily, there are plenty of options available that can help you keep costs down. If you need to save money on your next summer vacation, here are five websites for summer vacation savings.

1. Kayak

While there are a lot of travel search engines around, Kayak could be one of your best bets if you want to simplify planning. In the vacation packages sections, you can get lower-cost bundles that make many destinations far more affordable than if you booked what you needed separately. However, you can also go the a la carte route and look for individual services, like airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and more.

Overall, Kayak is incredibly user-friendly, offering simple search options to help you find what you need. As a result, it can be a better option for anyone looking to find great deals, particularly if you aren’t as search-savvy.

2. Priceline

While Priceline largely carries the same information as Kayak, it’s a little bit clunkier. However, one particular feature can make it worth using, especially if you’re flexible.

With Priceline Express Deals, you can get some deep discounts by reserving a stay at a hotel before you are told the property’s name. You do have some solid filtering options, letting you drill down to specific neighborhoods, limit your options based on star ratings, or allowing you to factor in user reviews. The site also allows you to review the property description and features list, so you can make sure it has the right amenities.

One of the other nice features of the Priceline Express Deals is that you can see how much you save by choosing a particular room. While the markdown is usually based on the highest price you might pay for the property based on your travel dates and length of stay, it does give you an idea of whether a particular option is a potential bargain.

Within the listing, you may also see a “Guaranteed to be one of these hotel brands” section. That gives you an idea of what type of hotel you’ll likely end up in, which can make the option feel much less mysterious.

Additionally, if you’re open to doing some extra research, you may be able to figure out what the property name is, even if Priceline won’t tell you. You can use the location, original price, and property details to try and work it out.

3. Groupon

If you’re looking for ways to save on accommodations, entertainment, meals, and more, Groupon is worth exploring. You can find amazing discounts on nearly any kind of activity, ensuring you can have a ton of fun while you’re on vacation.

Plus, Groupon does have deals on hotels, allowing you to save on your overnight accommodations. You can even find complete vacation packages, car rental discounts, and, at times, air-inclusive vacation options.

If you really want to make the most of Groupon, flexibility is the key. You never know what discounts may be available. If you’re open-minded, you might be able to end up on a low-cost adventure that that is unlike anything you would usually plan, making your summer vacation enjoyable, unique, and cost-efficient.

4. Skyscanner

When it comes to flights, Skyscanner can be a great place to find a bargain, especially for international travel. It’s a comparison site that can help you find low-cost options for nearly any destination. Additionally, you can read reviews about the third parties it lists, allowing you to explore whether their customer service is up to snuff.

Before you buy, you do need to do some extra due diligence to make sure the third party is legit. However, if you want to make some quick comparisons to start your vacation planning, Skyscanner is the way to do it efficiently.

5. CityPASS

If you’re looking for entertainment options at your destination, CityPASS is worth checking out. With CityPASS, you can gain admission to a set of covered attractions. The group usually covers some of the most popular options in the metro area, and the price is typically notably below what you’d spend if you paid the entry fees at the door.

The main trick with CityPASS is to make sure you have the time and desire to visit most (if not all) of the attractions on the list. If that’s the case, you may save a surprising amount of money by going this route. However, if not, then you may be better off paying individual entry fees.

Online Admission Fee

Luckily, you can usually find out what the typical admission fee is for any given attraction online. Simply head to the attraction’s website or contact it directly. Then, you can see exactly how much it would cost out of pocket and compare it to the CityPASS price. It’s an incredibly good move if you aren’t sure you can hit all of the destinations during your trip, as you can see how many you’d have to use a CityPASS on to experience a savings.

Can you think of any other websites for summer vacation savings? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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