Like I promised, new things are happening in Meota. A meeting is being called for May 15 at 2 p.m. in the Do Drop In to organize the opening of a tourist booth in the Trans Canada Trail building across the highway .It will be an informational meeting and they are looking for folks to volunteer to man the booth. For more information call Warren Iverson at 306-441-0399. Hope to see lots of folks out to learn about it.

There must have been a practice taking place at the fire hall Wednesday evening. Good that the fellows are always ready.

We are still waiting for rain and are being patient. The grass out at the cemetery and everywhere crunches when you walk on it. It is tinder dry. Very strange that they have had moisture in the south where it is usually drier than the north. There are grass fires in northern Alberta and puddles in southern Alberta. On a drive to Medstead Sunday to have lunch with my kids, it was great to tour the Cochin hills and see the greenery of the white poplar trees bursting forth. Next will be the black poplars then the willows. Some farmers are out in the field getting some seeding done while others are waiting for rain before putting any seed in the ground. 

The Idylwild Homemakers Club, later known as ladies’ institute, dissolved this spring when only two members were left in the Spiritwood area. They have been looking after the Idylwild Cemetery these last years, but originally clubs were set up  with monthly meetings at various members’ homes. Starting in 1936, with 23 rural members, it was a chance for lonesome women to meet and learn from one another in the days before there were decent roads, few cars and no telephones. They exchanged recipes, learned from one another on raising children and how to make do with less. This was in the days when being isolated was the norm.

The rocks on the berm guard wall look even bigger now with the ice all melted away.

The plants at Shorty’s Greenhouse in Medstead all look great. There were many I have never seen before and lots to choose from. I find it fascinating to see the variety she has and the plants are advanced enough you know what they will look like right now. We were lucky to meet a niece of mine there, so that was a bonus thrown in.

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