How do you take the sizzle out of a Space Coast summer day? 

Try sipping a pint of cold craft beer. But only after earning it with some exercise.

Since 2016, the Running Zone, Melbourne’s retail center for all things running, has hosted the Summer Brewery & Running Tour, with weekly stops at craft breweries across Brevard.

Last year’s free tour was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and  Denise Piercy of the Running Zone Foundation said she was eager to revive the tradition.

“We couldn’t wait to be able to continue it,” she said. “The breweries are so excited about it, too.”

Anywhere from 100 to 150 runners and walkers have attended past Summer Brewery & Running Tour events, like this one at Playalinda Brewing Co. -- The Hardware Store in downtown Tigusville.

The six weekly runs and walks start Tuesday at Bugnutty Brewing Co. in Cocoa Village and end July 6 at Dirty Oar Beer Co., also in Cocoa Village.

It’s free to participate. The Running Zone team sets up the three-mile route at each location and provides water. Each brewery offers specials for participants.

While there’s no cost to participate, and registration is not required, Piercy said this year the Running Zone is offering a VIP package. For $30, runners and walkers will get a commemorative T-shirt and a pint glass. The shirt features a map of Brevard highlighting the location of each participating brewery. The dates of each run are on the back of the shirt.

“We thought it was kind of a fun idea,” Piercy said, “like a concert tour, with all the concert dates on it. Because we all missed it so much last year, we wanted to make it extra special.”

Runners who register can check in each week to receive electronic badges. 

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