Reject terror and seek truth

The attack on our Capitol wounded and left bleeding four of our most basic democratic tenants, without which autocracy and authoritarianism will rule. The tenants are rule of law, debate and compromise (not violence) to resolve differences, the proposition all people are created equal, and the most basic of all, truth.

The terrorists are not Republicans, Democrats, Independents or Centre County residents who peacefully protested in Washington. The terrorists were white supremacists, neo-Nazis, QAnon and conspiracy theorists. The white supremacists, under the Confederate battle flag, embrace white superiority; thus, the right to dominate non-whites by violent, political, or derisive means. The neo-Nazis announced their anti-Semitic presence with Auschwitz and a skull emblazoned on a T-shirt and their heinous goal on a T-shirt with the acronym, 6MWE, 6 Million Wasn’t Enough.

The most insidious attacks were by individuals justifying their actions on conspiracy theories, lies, or misrepresentations. Our final arbiter of law are our courts’ decisions that President Trump dismissed, proclaiming election fraud and himself winner. With our Capitol breached, Senators hiding, Trump told his supporters, I feel your pain. The election was stolen. We need to have peace. Go home. We love you. You’re special. Trump implicitly condoned the insurrection, which the following day he condemned with Teflon prose.

I urge all voters to reject terror, to embrace the rule of law, to express grievances to those you elected, to accept others as equal, and to seek truth with a healthy skepticism.

John Furry, State College

County needs more transportation options

Disabled veterans and residents in Centre County require more public transportation means with less stringent guidelines than are currently available.

In Centre County, three public transportation services are available including Disabled American Veterans (DAV), the Centre County Office of Transportation, and CATA (Centre Area Transportation Authority). These three transportation services are inadequate to meet the needs of 162,385 residents in Centre County.

To reserve DAV transportation, “appointments must be made at least three working days in advance.” Centre County Office of Transportation has a timeframe of one days’ notice prior to the requested transportation. Meanwhile, CATA has multiple bus routes. Fourteen out of 25 routes are “temporarily discontinued.”

Other than EMS, no emergency or short notice transportation services are available to disabled veterans or residents of Centre County. With the prerequisites, many health care needs of both residents and veterans are being delayed or canceled due to lack of transportation services.

With a total payroll of $1,862,665 in 2018, I would say there is adequate revenue to fund another transportation service to serve Centre County.

Tina Henry, Pennsylvania Furnace

Remembering those lost to COVID

As the United States and the rest of the world seems to be rounding the turn on COVID-19, let us all not forget the friends, family and loved ones lost to this pandemic. Many have, including my family, experienced a very trying and disturbing experience. We have had to experience the lost of a loved one, who passed on alone, with us having no chance to say our goodbyes. We, along with others, had to deal with misleading information, no compassion for the family or resident and a truly sad experience that we hope no one has to endure. So, if you have a family, friend or loved one in a long care facility, reach out to them as much as you can, write them a letter, video call them and keep them in your prayers. In this time of COVID-19, we need to do more for these residents, don’t worry about how they are coming along with a new facility, don’t worry about a fund raiser they may be having, worry about the residents who are alone and need us more than ever.

Bob Murphy, Enola

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