It is such a shame that visitors to Norwich will no longer have access to a manned Tourist Information Centre. Instead their information about this fine city will be gained digitally via their mobiles.

For those arriving from the bus station the closed office at the Forum will add to the gloom of passing the closed Top Shop and Debenhams units.

We know that the majority of British holidaymakers will opt for “staycations” this year. In light of this fact the decision to close the TIC based on previous years’ usage is unfathomable.

It is true that a smart phone will be able to give information about major sites, such as the Castle and Cathedral but one wonders how many visitors will miss the plethora of businesses on offer in the Norwich Lanes. It will be difficult to experience the atmosphere of those meandering tiny streets while focusing on a small screen.

The annual Heritage Open Days remain very popular in Norwich, with locals and visitors alike, proving that there is really so much to learn about Norwich’s rich history.

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What a shame that people visiting outside of HODS will be relying on whatever has been programmed into a website in order to experience a visit here.

What a shame that there will not be the helpful, professional and knowledgeable staff at the Tourist Information available to welcome them to this truly fascinating city.

Linda Bambury,

Exmouth Close, Hethersett.

By admin