Looking for an escape? Here’s how you can save hundreds of dollars on a much-needed vacation.

With the height of the Covid-19 pandemic coming to an end, the CDC now says it’s safe for fully vaccinated Americans to take part — without a mask — in both outdoor and indoor activities. If you were waiting on the greenlight from health officials to resume your travels, it’s finally time to do so safely without putting others at risk. 

Of course, figuring out where to go to book your next flight can be a puzzling experience. Everyone likes to claim you’re saving money, but few travel companies have the numbers to back it up. Great Value Vacations is an exception to this rule, promising all-inclusive vacations at rock bottom prices. An outing to the Dominican Republic, for instance, starts at just $944 total for two people staying four to six nights. That includes air travel (plus taxes), transfers, hotels, meals, and more. And when you use the promo code CONTENTLB, you can save an extra $100 a person through the end of June. 

That said, if you’d rather customize your own vacation, you’re in luck. Great Value Vacations offers a range of packages outside of all-inclusive resorts such as city excursions, multi-city, luxury vacations, self-drive vacations, family-friendly vacations, cruises, and more. You can also browse options based on your interests. Those partial to beaches have the highest number of destinations to choose from, although art lovers, nature enthusiasts, and romantics have plenty to flip through as well.

Unfortunately, each stay is limited to a specific month, but you do have some flexibility when it comes to the dates. Once you’ve found the perfect vacation for you, Great Value Vacations has you check the availability for that particular month, you can select the number of  nights you wish to stay, the departure airport, and of course, the range of dates you would prefer to embark on your expedition. As with most travel services, pricing will be higher during peak seasons. The list of airports, however, is quite expansive, with almost all airports in the U.S. and Canada supported.

So what are you waiting for? Book now while you can do so at a steep discount.

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