You’ll never book a room reservation farther away than this.

The Orbital Assembly Corporation has said it will begin construction in 2025 on the first ‘space hotel,’ called the Voyager Station.


The resort is expected to be open by 2027, according to the New York Post.

If that sounds out of this world – pardon the pun – wait until you see what it looks like.

The artist renderings of the hotel are something out of a movie – individual pods connected to a rotating wheel, with different areas of the wheel that you would normally find in a brick-and-mortar hotel. That includes themed restaurants, a health spa, a cinema, gyms, libraries, concert venues, Earth-viewing lounges and bars, in addition to rooms for 400 people. Necessities including crew quarters, air, water and power will also take up a portion of the spaceship.

Orbital Assembly hopes to also sell portions of the hotel to permanent stakeholders, including government agencies looking to use the space as a training center or landlords looking to create a villa aboard the craft.

“This will be the next industrial revolution,” said John Blincow, the founder of Gateway Foundation, which will run some of the Voyager’s pods.

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