Date Published: 12/04/2021

 Puerto Lumbreras is the only municipality confined this week

Torre Pacheco has been released from confinement and measures in bars have been relaxed

The regional covid monitoring committee met on Monday (April 12) as normal to evaluate the situation in the Region of Murcia and decide the level of restrictions required to manage the Covid pandemic based on the performance of the region in the preceding 7-day period.

Murcia is performing well at the moment and although new cases are still being detected, the region is one of least affected areas of the country.

The 14 day accumulated incidence rate ended the week at 69.4 cases per 100,000 of population, one of the lowest in the country.

The regions with the highest incidence rates in Spain are Navarra (394.59), Madrid (324.31) and the Basque Country (295.34), and the national rate is now 182.09.

At the moment the region is not experiencing the same uplift in cases that is taking place in other regions of Spain, for which reason the committee has decided to relax the restrictions a little further.

Curfew moves back an hour; from Wednesday(April 14) onwards, the curfew time will move back one hour to 23:00, a measure for which the hostelry sector has been pushing for some time.

More diners allowed at a table; from Wednesday (April 14) onwards, a maximum of six people will be permitted to share a single table on outdoor terraces and seating areas of bars and restaurants. For the moment, the limit of four people at a table will continue for the interior areas of hostelry establishments.

Only Puerto Lumbreras confined; only this one municipality is confined from Wednesday onwards for another week and residents of Torre Pacheco will once again be permitted to move around the region as this municipality moves down to high risk.

Perimeter restriction maintained; the external regional restriction will remain in place, so residents must remain within the Murcia region and are not permitted to cross the border into other regions other than for exceptional reasons.


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