Date Published: 22/02/2021

Number of people permitted to meet socially amplified to 4 in the Region of Murcia

Bars and non-essential shops may remain open until 22:00

Within the last week the epidemiological situation in the Region of Murcia has continued to improve and on Monday the Covid Monitoring Committee decided to amplify the number of people permitted to meet to four, as well as to allow bars and restaurants and non-essential retailers to remain open until 22:00.

The 22:00 curfew continues, as does the closure of the external perimeter border of the Murcia Region, however residents in every municipality except Ulea and Alhama de Murcia (both of which are confined, see below) may move around freely within the internal municipalities of the region.

The only two municipalities in which residents are confined and which may not be entered by external residents, are Ulea and Alhama de Murcia.

The region remains in alert level 2, for which reason the interiors of bars and restaurants are not yet permitted to open, so service can only continue on outdoor terraces to a maximum of 75% of occupancy for a further week. This situation will be reviewed again next Monday and if the situation in the region continues to evolve at the current rate, there is a fairly good chance that by next Monday, the interior of hostelries will once more be permitted to open.

The number of new cases dropped by 40 per cent last week in Murcia and significant progress has been made in reducing the number of active cases in the region.

What was a very positive week for the development of the coronavirus crisis in the Region of Murcia concluded on Friday with the number of active cases falling back to levels last seen in August last year, concluding the week with just 1,865 active cases. Today this level has dropped further to 1,346.

The decline in the number of new cases has been nothing short of spectacular since the middle of January when the total peaked at over 15,000, since when the restrictive measures of closing all hostelry businesses and restricting movement between municipalities have delivered these positive results and sharp decrease in the number of new and active cases.

Last week, 1,602 new cases were diagnosed in the region, slightly more than the previous week, but way short of the mid-January peak of 12,000.

Whereas a month ago Murcia had one of the worst rates in Spain, it now has one of the lowest rates in the country, and this situation improved further today as the accumulated incidence rate per 100,000 of population fell yet further to 59 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days and 159 over 14 days.

Number of people permitted to meet socially amplified to 4 in the Region of Murcia

Alhama de Murcia re-confined and Ulea remains confined

Although the coronavirus situation is improving significantly across the Region of Murcia, and residents in most of the region are now able to move freely between municipalities and bars re-open their terraces, two municipalities are at “red level” or extreme risk and their bars must remain closed and residents confined for one week.

Ulea has been in this situation for the last week and on Monday the Covid Monitoring Committee decided to re-confine Alhama de Murcia due to the deteriorating situation in the municipality, where cases have risen by 80 percent in the last week.

This means that residents in these two municipalities are once again confined within their municipal borders and all bars and restaurants must close.

Residents may not travel to other municipalities and residents from other areas of the region are not permitted to travel into Alhama de Murcia for the next week.

The situation will once again be reviewed next Monday.


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