Date Published: 29/01/2021

Cartagena hostelry businesses tip their invoices in front of regional parliamentThey say around 100 businesses have been forced to close in the municipality so far

Around 100 hostelry businesses decided to show the regional parliament what the reality of the coronavirus shutdowns means to their businesses and tipped boxloads of invoices onto the street as part of a protest against the enforced closure of the hostelry sector on Friday morning.

Hostecar, which represents the hostelry sector of the municipality, says around 100 bars have been forced to close already as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, and maintains that this figure could reach 350 unless more aid is given to the sector.

The association says that the sector in Cartagena is “at its limit” and that the closure of their businesses is affecting all the families that depend on this sector on a personal level: “self-employed, waiters and suppliers, who have not been able to work 100% for almost a year and they won’t be able to hold out much longer.”

Protestors banged saucepans to make sure their voices were heard, before depositing their documents one by one, distributed in four boxes on which the following messages could be read: “taxes, social security and finances”, “rents and supplies”, “pending invoices” and “keys to our businesses”. Finally, they emptied all of the contents on the street in front of the doors of the regional Assembly, the regional parliament.

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