Date Published: 12/03/2021

Almeria hostelry businesses say many hotels will not open for Easter

Unless the regional government permits inter-provincial movement, the Easter holidays are lost they say

The hotel and catering association for the province of Almeria, within the Andalusia region, has said that many hotels won’t be opening until June and those that are already open have hardly any guaranteed bookings.

Many of the hoteliers in Almería province have decided to forget about Easter and wait until at least June to open up, as the current situation and restrictive travel measures mean they are highly unlikely to see much business in the near future, says the provincial association which represents their interests.

With national, regional and provincial borders closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the provincial association for the sector, Ashal, has said that with predicted drops in income of at least 70 per cent, many hotels that are closed have decided it’s simply not feasible to open for the Easter holidays.

In the past, occupation rates over the Easter holidays were a good indicator of what hotels could expect for the summer season, but there are very few bookings this year and the decision made at a national level this week to prevent travel between the different regions of Spain means that the sector can expect very few bookings for the Easter holidays.

Bars and restaurants are also part of the association and say that although establishments are permitted to open for partial hours, this is barely enough time for them to even break even and cover their costs.

The association is speaking out now because the Junta de Andalucía has not yet decided whether to permit full movement between the eight provinces of the region over the Easter period and won´t be making that decision until next Wednesday.

The association is hoping that pressure from themselves and the members they represent may help to influence the decision to permit free movement between provinces, as this would encourage many homeowners living within the huge Andalucía region to book accommodation and enjoy a holiday within the borders of the region.

It is also hoping that the regional government may be pressured into extending the opening hours for bars and restaurants to help them recover some lost revenue over the holiday period.

However, with incidence rates coming down and vaccinations underway, albeit slowly, the sector hopes that by the summer some degree of normality may have returned, allowing them to welcome guests again, whilst the regional government focuses on the thorny issue of whether permitting freedom of movement between provinces will initiate a dreaded fourth wave of contagions.


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