SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – The challenges with traveling this summer have been focused on COVID rules, mask wearing, and having issues with crowds. That however, is not the bottom line.

If you’ve looked at hotel room prices and found them unusually high, you are seeing what the American traveler is facing these days.

Travel analysts across the board have seen increases in room rates as much as 44 percent compared to a year earlier.

The posted room rate is the price before the local sales and bed taxes which could be, combined, another 20 percent.

Now in the heart of summer, some travelers looking at their search for room rates, say it is hard to find any overnight room for under $300. Only a handful are out there and they are usually mid week.

Some of the higher end properties with ocean views and suites along the Santa Barbara coast can run $600. to $5000. or more a night depending on the size of the room, amenities and length of stay. Some suites at premier locations are higher.

Vacationers who are traveling on a budget are taking this into consideration.

There are ways to save in one area if you are paying more for a room.

It’s suggested you stay close to where you are going to explore or recreate. That will limit your use of a rental car. Those prices as well have shot up and the supply is low.

Take advantage of credit card deals, use of points through rewards programs, and travel on weekdays.

It’s also a benefit to enjoy the hotel breakfast as one of your meals, when it’s provided for free.

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