The first Hearthstone Masters Tour of 2021 will kick off on March 12. More than 400 players will compete in Hearthstone Masters Tour Ironforge for a share of the $250,000 USD prize pool. 

The event will feature the Conquest format, which involves best-of-five matches. Those who get at least a score of 7-2 will receive an invitation to the next Masters Tour event. 

On Friday, Hearthstone Masters Tour Ironforge will consist of five rounds in the esport’s Swiss format. As for Saturday, the event will have four rounds of Swiss and the single-elimination round involving the top 16 players. This will be followed up with the top eight players duking it out on Sunday for the Masters Tour Champion crown.   

The new Hearthstone Masters Tour points system. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Thanks to player feedback, the Masters Tour will also be using a new points system. Points will now be earned based on the number of wins a player gets during each Masters Tour. More points will be given out to the top eight players. 

Competitors who have the most points from each of the Masters Tour regions will receive an invitation to Hearthstone Grandmasters 2021 Season 2. 

The casters for Hearthstone Masters Tour Ironforge. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

According to an announcement, Hearthstone casters Alex “RavenCasts” Baguley, TJ “Azumoqt” Sanders, Darroch “Darroch” Brown, Jia “Jia” Dee and Neil “Lorinda” Bond will be providing commentary during the tournament. 

Due to the global pandemic, Hearthstone Masters Tour Ironforge will only be held online. The same will go for the rest of this year’s Masters Tour events. 

“While we still cannot travel around the world for the Masters Tour, to ensure the most fair schedules, we are setting two events in time zones within each region to ensure no players are given any undue advantage,” Blizzard Entertainment said in a blog post.

The next Masters Tour event will be happening between April 30 and May 2.

The different Hearthstone Masters Tour regions and schedules. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Until then, esports fans can catch all the action and support their favorite players over on the official Hearthstone YouTube channel. The Hearthstone Masters Tour Ironforge event will be livestreamed there beginning this Friday at 12 AM EST.

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