People visit Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Zambia, on May 15, 2021. (Photo by Lillian Banda/Xinhua)

LUSAKA, May 21 (Xinhua) — Many visitors to Zambia point out that a visit to this southern African country is incomplete without a visit to Livingstone, its tourist capital.

Livingstone, which is named after Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone who is said to have been the first European to explore the area, is situated in the southern part of Zambia, about 480 km from the capital Lusaka.

The town is well-known for being home to the famous Victoria Falls, locally known as Mosi-oa-tunya, or simply the smoke that thunders.

A visit to Livingstone revealed that residents are going an extra mile to showcase what the town has to offer in terms of tourism, which is what is known for.

Residents in the area are eager to engage visitors in conversations about the wildlife and other nature adventures that the town has to offer, more so now when economies are grappling with the COVID-19.

Taxi drivers are among those that are playing a key role in marketing Livingstone and encouraging visitors as well as locals to visit touristic places.

Many taxi drivers have taken it upon themselves to market the town’s tourist attractions that include the Victoria Falls and the numerous world life adventure initiatives.

While some are doing so only by word of mouth, others are giving out flyers as well as engaging people in conversations about the town’s attractions.

“Even though we live in an internet age, there are some people that are too busy to go online and check what Livingstone has to offer,” explained Marvin Chanda, a taxi driver, while giving out flyers to passersby.

Chanda observed that the COVID-19 situation has also played a significant role in reminding residents that the economic survival of the town depends largely on tourism and that they need to play a part in reviving businesses.

He pointed out that while Livingstone remains one of the most preferred tourist destinations in southern Africa, the town’s tourism potential is yet to be fully exploited.

Chanda mentioned that aside from the flyers, taxi drivers also have with them information packs about Livingstone that they share with clients and that most of their vehicles have stickers containing vital information about the town’s main attractions.

Another taxi Lameck Nakabai asserted that marketing works conducted by taxi drivers in Livingstone have greatly helped to encourage visitors to the town and locals to visit many of the town’s tourist attractions.

“Having more locals sharing their experiences with visitors has resulted in an increase in the number of Zambians visiting Livingstone. This is helping with the economic revival of the town,” Nakabai said. Enditem

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