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Twelve public interest groups recently filed comments with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) urging the agency to rescind a Trump-era action that undermines states’ authority to set their own air quality standards.

Under the Clean Air Act, the EPA granted California a waiver in 2013 to set greenhouse gas and zero-emission vehicle standards and allowed other states to adopt California’s standards.

In 2019, the Trump Administration revoked the waiver. The EPA is proposing reversing that action and reinstating the waiver.

“Strong clean-car standards will save lives, create American jobs, and protect our climate. California is poised to continue its long tradition of leading the country in the advancement of those protective standards with its next generation standards that are expected to eliminate tailpipe pollution from new motor vehicles sold in the state by 2035,” Alice Henderson, Environmental Defense Fund senior attorney, said. “The Trump administration unlawfully tried to block California and other states from using their authority under the Clean Air Act. We urge EPA to swiftly restore full clean car authority to the states so they can continue to lead the way in the fight against motor vehicle pollution.”

Other groups joining the filing include the Natural Resources Defense Council and Communities for a Better Environment.

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