MILFORD – No doubt one of the busiest intersections in Pike County, Pa. is at Milford Borough’s lone traffic light, where Harford and Broad Streets meet, the junction of Route 6 and Route 209.

In the midst of Milford’s Historic District, drivers and passengers waiting at a red light may enjoy the grand historic landmarks of Forest Hall, Milford Community House and the Hotel Dimmick, each well over a century old.

But that’s only three corners. On the fourth, southwest corner is a Walgreens pharmacy. The business occupies a building of much more recent origin than its historic neighbors. What was there before? This is the story of the fourth old landmark, the Crissman Hotel, which was lost in a fire.

Milford, Pa. and the surrounding area along the Delaware River Valley saw a boom in hotels, resorts and boarding houses following the Civil War.

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