From The Examiner during the week of July 12-17, 1971: 

“COUNCIL PLANS TO REVIEW ALL METERING IN SQUARE” – Independence Councilman Morris McQuinn asked that the parking situation be reviewed and that, if possible, all meters in the uptown area be taken out. The council approved the review.  

The main drawback to removing all parking meters would apparently be a monetary one, as parking meter revenues go to pay off $50,000 in bonds for parking lots, approved by voters in 1964. 

“SELLING CITY GOAL AT TOURIST STOP” – A man who feels the tourism potential of the metropolitan area is being poorly developed is doing something about it! 

Harold Adkins, whose training and business interest the past 20 years have been in advertising and promotion, had developed a plan for area tourist information centers in a ring of communities around the Greater Kansas City area. 

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