ON THE MOVE: The marker stone

A SPECIALLY carved guide stone could be rehomed outside a tourist information centre, if county planners agree.
Members of Middleton-in-Teesdale and Newbiggin Parish Council asked for suggestions on where to relocate the stone, which was initially carved for the village’s heritage centre.
Clerk Judith Mashiter told members at their last meeting that four locations had been suggested by residents, including Seed Hill, Bowlees Visitor Centre, the Stanhope Road and outside the tourist information centre.
Cllr Kevin Tallentire said he would prefer a central village location and favoured the tourist information centre or a verge at the entrance to the village
He added: “As far as Bowlees is concerned I think it should be closer to home.”
Cllr Adam Hearn doubted whether the county council would allow the massive stone to be put at the side of a road because of the risk of a car hitting it.
Cllr Bob Danby said lampposts were designed to crumple on impact and he didn’t think a roadside location was the right place for the marker stone.
Cllr John Miller asked if it could be placed next to the car park to replace an old stone gate post.
Members voted to move the stone to the outside of the tourist information building and the clerk will speak to planning officers.

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