AS beer gardens across Bury reopen, drinkers are being encouraged to vote for their favourite pub.

Bury South Conservative MP Christian Wakeford has launched his Local Pub Competition to find the best hostelry across his constituency of Radcliffe, Whitefield and Prestwich.

The first round of the competition has now opened with nominations allowed to be made up to April 23, with voting to commence the following week.

Mr Wakeford said: “Whether it’s catching up with friends and neighbours or finding out what’s happening across our towns, local pubs make a huge contribution to our communities.

“Pubs have had an incredibly tough time over the last 12 months due to the pandemic. With beer gardens re-opening today we all need to do our bit to support these incredible community assets so that we can retain jobs, support our local economy and keep our towns vibrant places to live.

“That’s why I’ve launched my Best Local Pub Competition to pay tribute to the fantastic array of pubs across Bury South who have worked so hard to keep going this past year.”

Last month, Mr Wakeford supported calls to cut duty for draught beer sold in pubs to help the industry recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Pubs are so important to our communities across Radcliffe, Whitefield and Prestwich but have suffered very badly during lockdown,” he added. “While supermarkets have been trading healthily throughout the pandemic, pubs have been forced to close and must adopt many expensive measures to keep the public covid safe on reopening.

“Because 98% of all beer drunk in pubs is brewed in Britain, and beer accounts for almost half of all drinks they sell, cutting duty on draught beer would target help and support to pubs.

“The Government have already provided huge financial assistance to businesses across the country, but a Draught Beer Duty cut could really help by boosting investment and creating new jobs in the hospitality sector.”

Nominations for the Best Local Pub Competition can be made here:

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