We’ve been waiting for this news item since we first learned that alcohol would be served in Star Wars Galaxy’s edge. While there’s no need for alcoholic beverage sales all over Disneyland the way it’s available at California Adventure or Downtown Disney, many guests would like a glass of wine or a beer when sitting down to a nice (and very expensive) meal at Blue Bayou. And that’s exactly what’s new on the menu when the popular restaurant reopens (whenever that might be)…

, Blue Bayou Dining to Add Limited Adult Beverages When it Reopens

Similar to the beverage service at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, there won’t be an open bar at Blue Bayou. Guests will only be able to order from a very limited selection of beer, wine, and a signature cocktail (fittingly a Hurricane). A special “Celebration Package” will be available including a sparkling beverage and a dessert for all those folks (of age) who are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other big event. All beverages must be consumed within the establishment and will be limited to a maximum two adult beverages per guest. On the non-alcoholic front, the restaurant’s popular Mint Julep will begin offering non-alcoholic seasonal versions.  

, Blue Bayou Dining to Add Limited Adult Beverages When it Reopens

But don’t throw all your Mardi Gras beads at once . . . Blue Bayou is not expected to reopen on April 30th with the rest of the park. While new guidelines do now allow for indoor dining in theme parks, Disney just isn’t ready yet. So this location will wait. But, as you can see from the news above, they have been working on menus and guest experience items. And . . . they’ve got a year of revenue losses to make up for somehow.  

, Blue Bayou Dining to Add Limited Adult Beverages When it Reopens
Blue Bayou won’t be the first establishment in Disneyland which an adult beverage menu. Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge is a very popular spot.

So, unless you have a hookup for Club 33, your only options for adult beverages at Disneyland will be Oga’s Cantina and Blue Bayou. And both of those spots will limit the quantity of what you can drink and don’t allow beverages to be removed from the establishment. Are there any other restaurants where you’d like to see beer and wine served?

We expect lots of little tweaks to park operations above and beyond health and safety changes and limitations. What are some of the things you think Disneyland could do to make a little more revenue from guests without simply raising the ticket price?  

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, Blue Bayou Dining to Add Limited Adult Beverages When it Reopens
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