Friends that travel together stay together.

No one knows that better than best friends Gabrielle Profit and Katrina Craft Trifilo. The fun duo recently decided to merge their skills and love for adventure and start a full-service travel agency – Besties That Travel.

“Travel ignites our five senses,” Trifilo added. “We love meeting and connecting with people, exploring new places, learning new cultures and their way of life.”

Profit and Trifilo are both New Orleans natives with a passion for travel. They have been friends for over 25 years and together they have booked and arranged trips for more than 10 years.

In their new mission, the business partners aim to serve as personal travel concierges to assist with all travel needs. Besties That Travel provides several services including reserving flights, lodging, private transportation, planning excursions and daily itineraries.

“We also serve as a travel advocate – keeping our clients updated on changes during the pandemic,” Profit added.

The idea to begin the travel agency was born during the pandemic in the summer of 2020 while vacationing on a “besties” trip to Destin.

“Initially the idea was to present it as a travel blog,” Trifilo said. “Due to the pandemic and freeze on travel, we posted our previous travels and blogged about them. We started getting inquiries from people asking if we actually booked travel as well.”

After seeking guidance and assistance with logistics, Trifilo and Profit became partners and are now open for business.

“I have been a travel agent for the last four years and already had the experience,” Profit said. “So, this newfound venture quickly became a full-blown business for us. We realized this was bigger than just a blog.”

At Besties That Travel, packages are custom tailored for clients such as couples, solo travelers, groups and corporate travels.

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“Our clients differ in destination, budget, and other needs, so, no one package is the same,” Trifilo said. “We use our expertise in each consultation to work with our clients’ needs and their specific budget.”

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. And with the vaccine being distributed, countries and communities are looking forward to rebuilding and renewing traveling interest.

“I believe this pandemic has increased people’s desire for travel. Even those that were not thinking about it before,” Profit added. “As more people are getting vaccinated the fears of travel during this time are somewhat subsiding.”

The “besties” have several upcoming ventures, including a women’s group excursion. “We have a group trip planned for October of this year to Bali, Indonesia. We had opened up 10 spots and quickly sold out,” Trifilo said. “This will be our first group trip as a company, and we are really excited to explore Bali with a group of like-minded women.”

The duo is also launching a new travel apparel line, BTT Apparel, in the summer of 2021. “It’s some fun merch that can be worn on vacation or for just an ordinary day,” Profit said.

With their passion for travel, Trifilo and Profit plan to create unforgettable travel experiences while providing guidance along the way.

“Our inspiration lies in our own passion for travel,” Profit said. “We love the fact that our excitement for it is contagious and we are able to inspire others to travel or do something outside of their normal day to day living.”

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