The nationwide Aspire 2021 Tour will make three stops in Arizona in November. 

What started in Arizona in 2014 as a small event has now grown into a traveling tour that will visit 36 cities and more than 18 states this fall. 

This year’s event will feature one Bible teacher, one comedian and one musician, all in hopes of providing a girls’ night filled with fellowship and spiritual growth. 

“It’s a one-night women’s event filled with laughter, learning stories and music. It entails bringing women together for fellowship, for fun, but also to dig into the word of God,” said Mia Koehne, one of Aspire’s co-founders. 

“We have fantastic comedians, wonderful singer-songwriters and worship leaders, and tremendous authors and speakers and Bible teachers. And, so, it’s really just an event to get ladies out, remind them that it might be tough, but we’re in this together. We’re not alone. And we can have fun while we remember that we’re loved.”

Koehne is also a host for Aspire events, a speaker for Compassion International, a singer-songwriter and a worship leader. 

Having witnessed the growth of Aspire and the women’s events, Koehne said the mission has stayed the same.

“I always want them to leave with hope, and they can expect to leave reminded that they’re loved,” she said. 

“I hope they leave with a reminder of the hope that there are people that are walking life along with them and that it’s OK to laugh. We need laughter in our lives because even though our event has music and teaching, laughter has this way of breaking down walls in people, whether they come and they’ve been hurting, they laugh, and their hearts are open and they leave with that reminder that, you know what, life might be tough, but we can get through it.”

While Koehne admitted there are many other worship services, she said Aspire is special. 

“What’s unique is that in an age where everything is trying to be big and fill stadiums, what’s unique about Aspire is that we will go wherever we’re called, whether it’s a small venue, a small church,” she said. “When you come, you are going to have contact with the speakers, the singers, the songwriters, the comedians, you’re going to have that one-on-one connection with the people that are on the stage.”

Aspire will make three stops in Arizona in November, in Tempe on Nov. 12, Tucson on Nov. 13, and Yuma on Nov. 14. 

No matter the size of the venues, Koehne guarantees that Aspire events always feel intimate. 

“You will get the chance to connect with people that just come in that are sitting next to you. And I think a lot of times in some of the larger events, which are also wonderful, you might miss out on connecting with the people that are speaking from the stage that are speaking something into your heart,” she said. 

Aspire is a brand of Chandler-based Extreme Faith Productions, which has promoted converts and events across the United States since 2002. Its goal is to serve God’s people by providing quality events to the Christian community. 

As the team gears up to begin the tour, Koehne said the Arizona shows always have a special place in the team’s heart. 

“It’s home,” she said. “It’s just the level of feeling like this is a family event that’s being put on is a little accelerated more than other towns. So, the Tempe, Tucson and Yuma shows are just like home. It feels like home.”

Of all the fun offered during Aspire events, Koehne has a favorite. 

“It’s a given that I love the teachings, and as a musician I love the music,” she said. “But I’ve got to tell you, most of the time there is something about the comedy in these nights. For me that just fills me. With the ups and downs of life I think it’s that laughter that just fuels my soul.”

While the shows may be far for some of the West Valley residents, Koehne said they’re open to everyone, anywhere, now more than ever during the pandemic. 

“We see that more, coming out of the lockdown because people have been so desperate to be in community, to be at a live event that they’re willing to jump on a plane and come to where we are. But what we love about Arizona especially, it is home territory for us,” she said. 

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